Adapter-End Plug (for Fiberglass Poles)

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 End Plug Adapter (for Fiberglass Poles)

Adapter is use to install Beacons & Globes to other poles......................................Adapter Plug is put into Fiberglass poles to adapt FPB Lights and Gold Ball to Pole Top.. Strong Nylon Adapter fits in the End of the Fiberglass Flagpole, allowing Beacons & Globe Lights to be threaded into the Fiberglass pole, replacing Ball Top. The Adapter Plug pushes into the Top of the Fiberglass Pole then the threaded Stem will screw in. 1/2" -13 Thread. Due to manufacturing variations of poles, some light sanding maybe required for the Adapter for proper fit and we recomemnd to "superglueing" the Adaper in place
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