(BETA) - (4) Ring Set to fly (2) Flags on Fiberglass Poles
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(BETA) - (4) Ring Set to fly (2) Flags on Fiberglass Poles

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(BETA) Flag Rings are a new designed flag clip from FlagPole Buddy.  Original Rings have a tendencey to come appart under heavy usage.  FlagPole Buddy replacement Rings are stronger than Original (Black) Rings that come with the Fiberglass Poles.

Beta Testing Units are 3D Printed in Red for identification.  They may have surface imperfections that should not effect part function.

(4) Rings Set Includes: 

~ Top Ring #1

~ Ring #2

~ Ring #2

~ Ring #3

This Ring set the same size as the Original Black Flag Rings for Fiberglass Pole and is good for flying (2) 3x5 flags.


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