Flush Mount Kit (3M tape Strips, Pan Screws)

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Don’t have a Ladder… no worries, our Flush Mount Kit (Tape & Screws) allows you to safely mount any of our Mounts to a flat surface.   Easy to install, clean the RV and mount surface with Rubbing Alcohol  to remove an wax or oils from part manufacturing.   Attached the Tape to the Mount surfaces.  Before sticking the mount to RV aging the two the mounts with a pole to desired location (Tape is very sticky, so you’ll only want to do this once) Recommend to start with top mount.  After mount are stuck on Surface, install the Tap Screws.   No need to seal as the tap screw foam seals the holes from moisture.   

Kit Includes:

~ (4) peices of 3M double face foam tape, cut to size to fit both top and bottom mounts

~ (8) Self drilling/taping pan head screws


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