*Satellite Plate & Aluminum Pole (ONLY no 2.0 FPB Mts)
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*Satellite Plate & Aluminum Pole (ONLY no 2.0 FPB Mts)

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If you have your oun mounts, attach your Satellite Dish to our Adapter Plate and pole to get the dish high above the RV.  


NOTE: 2.0 FlagPole Buddy Mount Set (Sold Seperatly)

Note: Recommended Cable instalion, run through the Slide Out (if you have one). Close Slide slightly, insert Cable from outside to insde, open slide to fully seal.

Designed for King/Tailgator and Dish/Playmaker

TECH VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8QI6Hp8FzZQ



Kit Includes:

(1) Aluminum Mount Base 18" accross, four slots to fit mulitple Satellite domes. 

(2) 8 foot Aluminum Pole, comes in two (4ft) sections (2.0" dia) with buttons to lock them togetther.

(4) Phillips Head Screw (King Dome).

(4) Allan Cap Screw and washers (Dish Playmaker).



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