Starlink Mt Kit "1st Gen" (Aluminum Pole, Adapter & 2.0 FPB Kit)
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Starlink Mt Kit "1st Gen" (Aluminum Pole, Adapter & 2.0 FPB Kit)

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Setup your Starlink easily at every camp spot, using our simple pole mounting system.   Extends your Starlink Dish above the roof of the RV without climbing the ladder.   Angle the Pole into our mounts from ground level, keeps you safe.

Recommended Cable instalion, run through the Slide Out (if you have one). Close Slide slightly, insert Cable from outside to insde, open slide to fully seal.

 NOTE: Only fits 1st Genreration Starlink (Round) Dish

Kit Includes:

(1) Adapter  

(2) (4ft) sections (2.0" dia) with buttons to lock them togetther.

(1) 2.0 FlagPole Buddy Mount Set.


If you're under a tree when camping, Flush Mount another 2.0 FlagPole Buddy Mount closer to the front of your RV.

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